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June Williams

Posted October 20th 2018 | Testimonial, Travels

I have just returned from one of Ginny’s tours to SW Ireland  and the combination of 1st class golf courses, sightseeing and exciting culinary experiences, made my first experience such a memorable and enjoyable one. Ginny’s attention to detail, enthusiasm and ability to engage with the group makes her the perfect tour guide!

Alice Jennings

Posted October 14th 2018 | Testimonial, Travels

What a delightful adventure in SW Ireland! Ginny lead us with good humour and our knowledgeable and entertaining guide was excellent. Our golf was so excitingly Irish, experiencing the challenges of wind and rain on a few occasions only, thankfully! These trips get better and better!  I’m addicted!

Patricia Barzycki

Posted October 12th 2018 | Testimonial, Travels

Another excellent golf adventure with Ginny! The trip to South West Ireland was filled with spectacular scenery and stunning golf courses as well as great food and company!

Harriet Chew

Posted | Testimonial, Travels

The success of these golf trips is because Ginny puts her heart into it.  Golf was great and sightseeing was awesome in Ireland, but with the human component …it makes it truly memorable

Sandy Laliberte

Posted October 11th 2018 | Testimonial, Travels

The trip to Ireland was absolutely fabulous and one of the reasons was that we had a terrific organizer named Ginny.  This is my third trip with Ginny and they have all been unforgettable. The golf courses were challenging, the tourist sights were breathtaking. Thanks Ginny for another great trip.